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Halverson Group is a strategic research agency committed to helping clients and their agencies identify where to play and how to win. We unlock growth and competitive advantage by clarifying and quantifying people's behaviors, along with the beliefs and situations that influence their decisions. Rooted in 20 years of R&D, our methods can be tailored to meet your unique challenges.

Jobs to Be Won™ (JTBW™) Jobs to Be Won™ (JTBW™)

People hire products and services to do "jobs" for them. Our strategy and segmentation approach ensures you win these jobs from competitors.

Get your brand hired

Choices™ Choices™

People have a lot of choices. Our journey-mapping solution helps you choose the right experience for the right audience at the right time.

Choose wisely

Reality Tests™ Reality Tests™

Your new initiatives have a higher probability of succeeding when properly pressure-tested. Our real-time assessments will keep you on course.

Get real

See your business through a broader lens.

Our team is made up of social scientists, data scientists, brand specialists and marketing veterans. And we bring this diverse experience to every client challenge.

About Halverson Group

Our clients turn to us to help them make sense of a rapidly changing world where consumers call the shots and you never know who will be your next competitor.

We have been fortunate to partner with some of the world’s most celebrated brands.

Motivate people to hire your brand.

Our approach to segmentation will allow you to upend the rules of your category and win new customers while rallying your base.

Jobs to Be Won™

We work with clients around the world and in our own backyard. We find a way to bridge any distance.

Our most successful clients don’t separate design from execution. They put their initiatives to the test with real customers in real-world settings, learning and iterating as they design.

Politics and Purchase Power

A Q&A with Ron Halverson about why our new study is so timely for brands

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Halverson Group team members' points of view on our industry and beyond.

Our POV Archive

We look at the big picture—the challenge, the category, the culture. And ultimately, we connect the 10,000-foot business objective to the individual consumer.

We're curious at the heart of things and we approach research differently and more thoughtfully than other firms.

Our insights arm executives, marketers, strategists and agency partners with the consumer and business intelligence they need to make bold strategic decisions with confidence.

Why Chuck E. Cheese’s and the art museum should compete: Understanding the Jobs to Be Won™ of leisure time

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Improve your innovation hit rate.

Want to know if your system enhancements are working? Our real-world studies yield powerful, actionable insights that connect consumer, employee and business perspectives, creating a roadmap for success.

Reality Tests™

Pinpoint when and why you're winning (or losing).

We've moved beyond traditional journey mapping to provide deeper insight into the importance of each touch-point in driving traffic, conversion and loyalty.


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