People have a lot of choices. When is the best time to reach them? Through which media? And what content? Our journey mapping solution helps you choose the right experience for the right audience at the right time.

Most journey maps pinpoint what people do and when. Halverson Group doesn’t stop there. We dig into the why—and by understanding why people behave the way they do, we are able to better predict how they will behave in the future.

Apply Choices™ to your business

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Every brand engagement is an opportunity to shape people’s perceptions and influence their destination. We can help you reach customers before they’ve made up their minds.

We dug into the psychology of jeans shopping and revealed some interesting truths about denim

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Smoothing the path to purpose for those making decisions about higher ed

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Are you ready for the mad Dash?

Amazon Dash has people sprinting through the path to purchase. What’s your strategy for disrupting them?

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We uncovered six powerful factors that inform every consumer decision. Find out how these factors affect your brand.

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Not only do we uncover the situations that motivate consumers to choose your product or service, we can provide you with playbooks broken down by category, channel, segment—or whatever you need—to help you maximize customer retention and acquisition.

Optimize each touch-point engagement.

Once you’ve identified the touch-points that matter most on people’s journeys with Choices™, employ our Reality Tests™ to ensure you’re delivering experiences that seal the deal.

Reality Tests™

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