Reality Tests™

Whether you're launching a new product, redesigning a store or developing a new app, you need confidence that your strategy is working. That’s where Reality Tests come in.

We learn from real people in a real-world setting to identify what’s working and what’s not—at every touch-point—so you can deliver brand experiences that stimulate traffic, maximize sales and cultivate consumer loyalty.

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Reality Tests™ in action for major pharmacy

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Our secret sauce is our understanding of the whole eco-system: consumer, brand, employee and operations. The intersection of these parts yields recommendations about your system enhancements that lead to real business impact.

We provide the proof you need to confidently launch new initiatives by partnering closely with your innovation, design, operations and marketing teams.

We go directly to the source—intercepting consumers in the store for “in the moment” feedback. And we capture this input on video for our clients.

Helping The North Face reach the retail summit

Our Reality Tests™ helped a celebrated brand optimize its store experience

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ULTA gets a makeover

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Our most successful clients don't separate design from execution. They put their initiatives to the test with real customers in real-world settings, learning and iterating as they design.

Helping U.S. Cellular better connect with its customers

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You only get one launch—make it successful. Our team uncovers critical learnings that inform enhancements pre-launch, protecting the brand and saving money on costly clean-ups post-launch.