Jobs to Be Won™

Jobs to Be Won is Halverson Group’s unique approach to strategy and segmentation. The way we see it, consumers hire brands to do a job for them, and our process identifies the jobs that your brand has a right to win.

We have reinvented the traditional consumer segmentation approach, allowing you to pinpoint and size high-potential segments and elevate the effectiveness and ROI of your growth initiatives.

We define the “jobs to be done” in people’s lives by deriving the core situations, moods, and motives in which people turn to categories, brands, products, or services. We then define the “jobs to be won” by pinpointing and sizing the consumers with whom your brand has a right to win.

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Creating a picture of the future for the Indianapolis Museum of Art

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Whereas most companies approach jobs on an ad hoc basis, Halverson Group has developed a rigorous quantitative methodology using an extensive meta-analysis of 60+ years of human psychology research and practice.

Our Jobs to Be Won™ segmentations fuel: product, service and retailing innovations; positioning and communications platforms; pricing, promotion and merchandising strategies; and loyalty program designs.

A little bit country and a little bit rock and roll

People don’t always act consistently with their personality “type”—and for brands, that can mean everything.

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Players gonna play

Our Jobs To Be Won™ study of more than 18,000 U.S. consumers identified the core jobs that mobile games perform for players and what gets them to pay.

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How we used Jobs to Be Won™ to create a blueprint for growth for Southern Comfort

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"For me, context is the key—from that comes the understanding of everything." –Kenneth Noland, American abstract painter

You've identified your audience. Now, win them over.

Once you have identified your top growth prospects with Jobs to Be Won™, our Choices™ solution will help you shape their journeys so you can win their attention, loyalty and business.


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