A New Brand Positioning for Enjoy Life Foods


CHALLENGE: Enjoy Life Foods (part of Mondelez International) had enjoyed 14 years of growth offering people who have food allergies or have children with food allergies tasty “free-from” alternatives. To spur more growth and reach a broader audience, the brand sought to reposition itself not only as a treat for allergy suffers, but for all healthy eaters.

Enjoy Life called its core consumers “Worriers”; Chicago-based creative agency Tom, Dick & Harry helped them identify their growth target as “Wonderers” (health-conscious eaters always on the lookout for more responsible options). But to develop an effective, research-driven positioning and ad campaign, agency and client wanted to better understand the motivations and behaviors of both Wonderers and Worriers. So they engaged Halverson Group.

APPROACH: Halverson Group used its Jobs to Be Won™ approach to better define each group, size the total target and reveal a positioning that would attract new snackers without alienating Enjoy Life’s core. We collected motivational and behavioral data on both groups, as well as on the general U.S. population that explains why people in general—and Enjoy Life’s target in particular—choose a snack.

FUEL: From the data we derived 12 motivational factors and the tensions that exist for all people when they choose a snack; then we sized which of these motivations has the most volume among Worriers and Wonderers. We also provided the team with a deeper understanding of how and when people’s overall attitudes come into play in their daily decisions—when there is alignment between their attitudes and their choices, and in what situations they deviate from their overall intentions (often revealing moments when a person might consider switching to a new brand).

WIN: Halverson Group’s insights provided fertile creative territory for TDH to craft a reenergized brand positioning for Enjoy Life. The new positioning statement  “Enjoy Life Gives You Permission to Eat Freely” turned the brand’s signature red badge into a permission slip for Worriers and Wonderers alike. The TDH creative that followed—print, digital, and social video—depicts people in snacking situations relieved to find that, with Enjoy Life, they have “Permission to Eat Freely.”