Dramatically Increasing Conversion for a National Shoe Retailer


CHALLENGE: A national shoe retailer had experienced declining sales for a period of six months, the longest consecutive stretch of monthly declines in four decades. The company was losing market share and its conversion rate had been flat for a period of several years. Halverson Group was engaged to reverse negative sales trends and provide a positive and meaningful impact on conversion by employing our Reality Tests™.

APPROACH: We leveraged the best practices of stores that were over-indexing on key customer experience metrics and identified merchandising and store layout snafus that were causing significant issues.

  • Conducted in-depth study of over-performing and under-performing stores
  • Applied video/audio analytics methodologies to capture and code hundreds of customer groups and over 2,600 employee-customer conversations
  • Conducted 600+ customer exit interviews and performed 80+ customer shopalongs

FUEL: Leveraging the findings of our extensive analysis, we delivered high-impact solutions that were to be immediately implemented across the organization.

WIN: The result was a dramatic improvement in sales and conversion:

  • Same-store sales up 15.5% in the year following implementation
  • Conversion rate improvement to the highest level in a decade
  • “Performance was driven by…heightened emphasis on conversion activities at our stores, which resulted in high single-digit growth in this key metric.” –President, national footwear company