Helping The North Face Reach the Retail Summit


CHALLENGE: The North Face saw a future where its in-store experience was as exciting as the outdoor adventures its clothing line enabled.  So they created a new prototype store to reinvigorate the brand and enhance the consumer shopping experience. But the company had a mountain to climb—it needed to assess whether the prototype stores were delivering on expectations, and maximize the ROI generated from the shopping experiences.

APPROACH: Creating the ultimate shopping experience requires the ultimate research toolbox. We used our Reality Test + Learn™ solution, which addresses in-store problems from the perspective of both the consumer and the retailer. Using stakeholder interviews, mobile eye-tracking, customer intercepts and behavioral mapping, we analyzed the shopping experience from both points of view.

FUEL: We then delivered recommendations to optimize shopper traffic, store layout and customer service, and worked directly with The North Face to implement these improvements in-store

WIN: Thanks to Halverson, The North Face was able to climb its retail mountain and successfully reach the summit.