Ulta Gets a Makeover


CHALLENGE: The largest beauty retailer in the nation, Ulta Beauty decided it was time to give its shopping experience a makeover. The store wanted to refresh its shopping experience to deliver a purchase-decision process as beautiful as its brand equity.

APPROACH: Helping make Ulta Beauty pretty on both the inside and the outside required knowing how to use all the tools of the (research) trade. Halverson Group applied Reality Test + Learn™, which tackles in-store problems from the perspective of both the consumer and the retailer. In this instance, we employed a combination of shopper intercepts, in-store and virtual customer interviews, mobile eye tracking and path tracking,

FUEL: Armed with our primary research learnings, we delivered a detailed how-to for improving the Ulta Beauty shopping experience.

WIN: Halverson Group guided Ulta Beauty in ensuring its shopping experience was the correct mixture of education and inspiration, proving that Ulta Beauty was in fact more than skin deep.