Beauty + Apparel


Today’s beauty and style brands are being built not only by the products they sell but what people are trying to accomplish in their everyday lives. For some shoppers, convenience and routine will always be key, but disruptors in this landscape understand the importance of the social/emotional experience and build their brands accordingly.

Shifts in tastes and preferences coupled with lower barriers to entry have led to an explosion of independent brands challenging many of the established category kings. Legacy brands need to find (and own) their place in this new landscape—or find white space for expansion.

Authenticity tends to resonate more than celebrity endorsements with an expanding and more diverse consumer base and, as such, beauty and fashion brands alike are forced to search for ways to better understand the lives of their consumers (and their motivations for seeking out beauty products, fashion and home decor). Brands must understand the roles they play in consumers’ lives, and the channels consumers consistently rely upon.

We serve as catalysts for disruptive growth in beauty + style by arming our client partners with the data, insights, and strategies that fuel:

  • Journey experience frameworks: Reveal how key consumers approach, “shop” and experience your category, your brand, and your competitors
  • Product innovations and customized experiences that are just right for expanding preferences and that elevate and differentiate your product and brand
  • Branding and positioning that authentically connect across rapidly changing touchpoints in people’s lives
  • Sales enablement in a more complex omnichannel universe identifying new market realities that create win-wins

We’ve produced demonstrable results and cutting-edge thinking for our partners in beauty and style. Take a look at how we’ve been able to help our partners in beauty, style, and apparel.

  • Ulta Beauty was looking for a better way to understand its shopper experience and performance (online, mobile, and in-store) in today’s marketplace. In this Ulta Beauty journey mapping case study, find out how we painted a complete picture of what the market was delivering and what the consumer is craving. We have also tested and optimized Ulta Beauty’s in-store experience.
  • One of our national shoe retailer partners was losing market share and facing flat conversion rates. We partnered to reverse their negative sales trends and generate high-impact solutions that were implemented across the organization.
  • We partnered with The North Face to test where their prototype stores were (and were not) delivering on expectations and optimized their in-store experience to maximize ROI.