How Reality Test + Learn™ can work for your brand


Are you exceeding your customers’ expectations?

Delivering the right experiences to consumers and exceeding their expectations has never been more important. That’s why it’s so critical for brands to be able to iterate—to test and learn as they design.

With Reality Test + Learn™, we immerse ourselves with consumers to understand their experiences with your brand. Then, we work closely with you to optimize (or re-imagine) those experiences, arriving at the best results for consumer and client alike. Our secret sauce is our understanding of the whole ecosystem: consumer, brand, employee and operations. An optimal interplay among these parts yields system enhancements that lead to real business impact.

There are two main components in our process (and we are happy to meet you at any stage in yours):

Now: Experience Realities  We learn from people in real-world settings to identify what’s working and what’s not at every touchpoint. We reveal realities and craft design criteria for delivering brand messages and experiences that can stimulate traffic, maximize sales and cultivate consumer loyalty.

Next: Test + Perfect + Scale  We orchestrate holistic assessments​ of new messaging, products and experiences to gauge consumer, staff, operational, and financial impact. Our rigor and storytelling helps perfect and scale growth initiatives to maximize speed to market and ROI.

How We Do It

We employ video ethnographies, shop-alongs, intercepts, and mobile eye tracking, along with  rigorous competitive analysis and deep dives into your existing data to provide you with tactical recommendations for eliminating barriers along the path-to-purchase and enhancements to existing experiences, technologies, messaging, and interactions.

Reality Test + Learn has helped Ulta Beauty better understand the beauty enthusiast’s shopping journey, inspired the optimization of Choice Hotels guest experience, and rapid-tested a new store design for Athleta.

Our Jobs to Be Won™ solution is a powerful counterpart to Reality Test + Learn. As we analyze your current state and strive to optimize it, we can also uncover new possibilities for your future state, based on white spaces, and jobs to be done in your category or adjacent categories. Jobs to Be Won is a method for unleashing growth opportunities that are valuable, viable and winnable for your brand. Read more about it here.

Want to learn more about Reality Test + Learn and Jobs to Be Won? Call us at 708.524.8080, or e-mail us at [email protected].