Optimizing In-Store Merchandising for Lean Cuisine


CHALLENGE: Lean Cuisine wanted to improve its in-store merchandising at Target and other major grocery chains, developing a number of merchandising and end-aisle alternatives designed to draw customers to their products.

APPROACH: The merchandising and design changes were placed in a number of test stores and Halverson Group pre-recruited customers to complete several tasks. Using mobile eye-tracking devices, we recorded and coded customer behavior. Further, customers were shown a replay of their eye-tracking and asked to reflect on their thoughts and actions in real time.

FUEL: Working in collaboration with the design team, we identified several high-impact opportunities for differentiating Lean Cuisine products. The final solutions were achieved by drawing on the brand’s iconic packaging design, evoking healthy lifestyles and linking those to various in-store merchandising efforts.

WIN: Lean Cuisine experienced a lift in sales and a roadmap for how to continue to implement high-impact in-store merchandising into the future.