Finding the Best Locations for Reebok's FitHub


CHALLENGE: Several years back, Reebok developed FitHub, a new fitness shoe and apparel retail concept that offers exercise classes and shopping. Staffed with fitness and product experts, the concept was designed to help shoppers find the right gear for their workout.​ Reebok had already deployed this concept on the East Coast. When it was time to identify the optimal locations in Southern California, Reebok turned to Halverson Group.

APPROACH: To assess the success potential for each Southern California FitHub location, Halverson Group used its Retail-Potential Index tool, which predicts overall potential based on factors such as brand strength; customer demographics and attitudes; trade area strength; and site attributes. We surveyed California residents and analyzed detailed population and retail databases to quantify the location’s potential draw.

FUEL: Our study identified several high-potential locations where FitHub would be a shoe-in.

WIN: Adidas/Reebok now had the foundation for future site selection and the execution strategy to maximize sales potential of their direct-to-consumer store portfolio.