Hospitality + Leisure


Cultural institutions and other organizations in the leisure landscape find themselves facing a unique conundrum: balancing the benefit and the curse of serving niche interests. Whether it’s video gamers, art lovers, animal-loving kids, or sports fans, loyal fans always come back for more. But, since growth for organizations in the leisure category depends on people’s scarce free time, they can’t just serve the needs of their core audience. These establishments need to find more ways to reach existing audiences (to get them back more often) while also attracting completely new audiences.  

Of course, cultural institutions have even loftier mandates in our society: preservation, inclusion and social responsibility, which are not only important mission-driven commitments but fiscally essential. If large groups of today’s audiences and future generations view cultural institutions as “not a place for someone like me,” visitation, memberships, and philanthropic contributions will continue to decline. To survive and flourish in a changing economic, social and philanthropic landscape, cultural institutions need to collaborate with other institutions in their communities and link their social missions to their underlying financial models, including developing and nurturing a robust, but balanced, earned income strategy. 

Whether you are a leisure company or a cultural institution, our role is to serve as catalysts for disruptive growth by arming you with the data, insights, and strategies that fuel the following:  

  • Programming and experiences that align with your mission and that are in lockstep with how people spend their leisure time  
  • Optimized earned income through broader offerings, programming and outreach efforts that are more representative of your community 
  • Philanthropy and giving with plans for converting audiences into owners of your institution and emboldening and empowering new diverse owners to become the passionate donors and future leaders of their institutions 
  • Strategic planning initiatives that align internal stakeholders around a clear, compelling and inspiring strategic plan   
  • Community networks and collaborations, bringing together coalitions of like-minded organizations to build a deeper repository of cultural capital within your broader community 

We’ve been able to produce demonstrable results for our cultural institution partners and lead in transformative change within this space. Take a look at the journey of one our partners, the Indianapolis Museum of Art (rebranded as Newfields), as they repositioned around the changing lives of people in their community.