Experience Design

We believe…
Relevance rules.
Customer focus is crucial.
Brand promises must be kept.
Experience is everything. 



What does customer experience mean to us? The culmination of people, technology and systems working together seamlessly to define, refine and shape experiences that deliver your brand promise, whether physical or digital. We gather and distill human and business intelligence that informs and inspires solutions that elevate customer experiences and deliver ROI.

EXPERIENCE INTEL — We learn from people in real settings to uncover enablers and barriers to delivering experiences that define your brand.

MOTIVATION INTEL — We identify the people who matter most to your future success and uncover what matters most to them, and what motivates their choices.

JOURNEY INTEL — We uncover deep insights into the lives of guests and prospects and how to win their attention, visits, dollars and loyalty.

FINANCIAL INTEL — We build financial models, simulations, projections and business cases, and orchestrate rigorous “test and learn’ studies to ensure ROI is delivered.



Our suite of custom-crafted primary research tools yield solutions that inspire and business outcomes that exceed expectations.

Consumers bring us along on their journeys by completing assignments (video, photo and text responses) on a smartphone app before and immediately after their experiences to gather in-the-moment feedback and bring their thoughts, feelings, and motivations to life.

Technological advancements in mobile cameras and machine learning algorithms have enabled new ways of conducting eye tracking and mobile ethnography studies on mobile devices, without requiring any additional hardware or app installation. We have the capability to field wide-scale eye tracking studies locally or globally that can be completed directly through a user’s handheld device. We can also track and record visual attention through sophisticated mobile eye-tracking glasses. Then we conduct retrospective think-alouds to reveal deep, actionable insights into how people think and what they feel throughout their experiences.

We passively meter customers (opt-in) across time to understand where and how we can best capture their attention to plan engagement and media strategies. We track their locations before and after visits to physical establishments, their searching and app behaviors and assess where and when they tune in, tune out or turn up media and messaging in their lives.

Our proprietary video and audio capture systems allow us to track experience journeys and uncover bottlenecks, workarounds and root causes of poor or inconsistent experiences.

  • Video Analytics Research Process
    • Our installation team visits each retail location and installs a 10-15 camera video/audio system (1-2 days onsite) before the changes are made at each site to capture pre-period footage of activity inside and out
    • In order to ensure that the system is running properly, we will perform daily checks  ​
    • After enough video has been captured to complete the analysis, we will physically remove and place the hard drives and send the video/audio data to our team for analysis. This may be able to be done remotely, without physically removing the hard drives, depending on the internet bandwidth at the ​site
    • After identifying a sample to review (Pre and Post changes), our team review the video footage and capture the metrics of interest ​
    • At the conclusion of the work, our team will remove the video system from each location (1 day onsite) and will ensure that the site is restored to its original condition.

We have full-service capabilities to recruit, engage and gather intelligence from customers around the world at the speed of business. We orchestrate mobile-first online surveys, consumer intercept interviews and community discussion boards.

We build fast, scalable models built in AnyLogic that allow you to quickly simulate and test changes in a risk-free environment, so you can make confident, data-driven decisions. Our models are built to support a digital twin, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to enable powerful predictive analytics.



We can help you deliver a differentiated experience that puts the focus on your customer, keeps your brand promises, and keeps your business relevant. E-mail us at [email protected].