Growth Strategy

Today’s companies face an onslaught of trends that have a tremendous impact on their plans for growth. From emphasizing the customer experience and customer satisfaction, adopting virtual technology like AI and the metaverse, staying on top of emerging and evolving social media platforms and tools, and diving deep into data and analytics, business leaders must be fearless in embracing the inevitable changes, turning them into opportunities to grow and expand. Having a partner with proven expertise in navigating change, as Halverson has done for over twenty-five years, is crucial.



We dig deep to understand your vision, mission, values and growth ambition and then we identify growth white spaces and partner with you to make bold strategic choices about where to play and how to win. We leverage our proprietary category, consumer and operational intelligence to deepen empathy and engagement with your customers, top prospects and internal teams to unlock organic and asymmetric growth opportunities.



We pursue a deep understanding of your vision, mission, values and growth ambition and then we systematically identify growth white spaces and partner with you to make bold strategic choices about where to play and how to win.

Category LandscapesWe assemble comprehensive outside-in category landscapes

  • Outside-in view
  • Category dynamics, trends and responses
  • Consumer and prospect intelligence
  • White spaces to potentially play/win

Growth IntelligenceWe conduct inside-out assessments of platforms and experiences

  • Inside-out view
  • Operational efficiency and capability
  • Brand health
  • Portfolio assessment
  • Innovation pipeline

Growth ImperativesWe identify near-in and longer-term growth vectors

  • Look forward from today
  • Near-in growth through efficiency + demand gen
  • Look back from the future
  • Asymmetric growth through innovation and automation

Strategic ChoicesWe partner to make bold strategic decisions. Top opportunities include:

  • Sales and margin growth potential
  • Right to win
  • Strategic alignment
  • Return on investment

Growth StrategyWe craft Growth Roadmaps

  • Plan that inspires, informs and guides growth ambitions
  • Seamless link to go-to-market strategies



To inform and inspire growth roadmaps and solutions, Halverson Group has developed a powerful and proprietary set of methods to gather and distill human and business intelligence. We selectively tap into these capabilities to fulfill our strategy assignments.

Jobs to Be Won is our unique approach to creating rich, textured and actionable segmentations of current consumers and shoppers, as well winnable prospects.

Current Consumers + Shoppers

  • Reveal who, when, where, and why people purchase and consume products in your category today
  • Discover obstacles and off-ramps in their decision journeys that restrict even more brand purchases
  • Assess other food and beverage purchases they are making that you might be able to steal
  • Leverage existing segments or craft new segments and personas


Moveable Middle:  Consumers you do not connect with today that are winnable.

  • Dive into the needs, wants, interests, desires, and life context that energizes and directs (or misdirect) their choices.
  • Pinpoint gaps in current offerings (perceived or real) as well as gaps in delivering the right messages at the right time in their journey, to influence their ultimate beverage or food choice.

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We’ve crafted a unique and powerful new way—a proprietary app + location intelligence platform—to capture unprecedented insights into the role brands play in people’s lives, to help them more seamlessly connect with current consumers and top prospects.

REAL-TIME: What’s happening with customers and prospects now?
COMPETITIVE: What are our competitors doing better?
ACTIONABLE: How can we boost engagement?
PREDICTIVE: How do we prepare for what’s next?

Human Intelligence – Media consumption and attention (tune-out, tune-in, turn up) across all media platforms
Location Intelligence –Log physical location and travel habits and time and duration of specific stores, restaurants, visited
Behavioral IntelligencePassively log actual media activities, websites visited, search words, app usage and media consumption

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We can help you make bold decisions about where to play and how to win.
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